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The 'Montreal bagel' is the best bagel in the world, if you think a bagel is a piece of bread with a hole in the middle, you haven't tried these. They will change your perception of bagels. Forever. But don't take my word for it. Try one!

Your bagels were ***amazing***! Thank you so much for starting this business. I look forward to supporting you for years to come!

They are gorgeous! 😋😋 I’ve hidden all of them in the freezer from the rest of the family 😱🤣

My two year old loved her first Montreal bagel! She actually ate it before the strawberries, which is basically the highest possible compliment that a toddler can give!


As a former Montrealer that’s been on a quest for Montréal bagels in the UK for almost 30 years, I can vouch for Montreal Style Bagels in Totnes. Just got my second dozen. They’re as close to Montréal bagel as I’ve found here.


"Having only ever tasted supermarket bagels I'd always been underwhelmed....until I tried Sacha's homemade ones - yum! They're so flavoursome, slightly malty, and absolutely moreish"


"Thanks to @montrealstylebagelstotnes for my incredible Montréal bagels. So happy I could cry”


"They are the best bagels I have ever eaten. Good crust, tender crumb, flavoursome - perfect"

Doughnut Addict UK

"The bagel of dreams!”


"I haven't tried all the bagels in the world, but having tried these, I'm not going to. A freshly different bagel experience. Just make sure to buy enough cream cheese."


"If you think you know bagels, think again. For a deliciously different take on your brunch staple try these Montreal style, hand made by Sacha"


"As well as inviting the taste and texture, the thing that stands out is just how versatile the are, accompanying so many different treats perfectly"


"I lived in Brooklyn for many years but always much preferred Montreal bagels; I didn't think I'd find them in Devon!"


"These are authentic Montreal style bagels that take me back to childhood visits to the bagel bakery in Montreal city. My mouth waters thinking about them, so much richer and tastier than other varieties and with the perfect amount of chew. Perfect with capers and cream cheese, or anything really!”


"I wanted to buy one of these bagel brunch bags as a get well present for a colleague. Then I thought 'maybe I should do it on the cheap and just buy the bagels and get the other bits separately'. And, then I thought 'well I do want this to be special so I'll still buy the ethical good quality stuff'. And, then I realised that the bagel bag is actually cheaper than buying all the bits separately, what a great deal! Plus my colleague loved the present and thinks the ethical alternative of smoked trout is actually nicer than smoked salmon itself!"


"I wasn't a bagel fan until I tried Sacha's. Now I'm converted! Montreal style bagels are tasty and not too chewy and I love the seeded coatings. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch with classic fillings like smoked salmon and cream cheese, one of my favourites, or something more unusual like cinnamon cream cheese and apple."


"My life is now complete. After emigrating to the UK from Montréal in 1992, I have been on an eternal quest to find decent bagels here. It was a fruitless quest until now. I got my first delivery from Montréal Style Bagels in Totnes and they are absolutely gorgeously delicious....Thank-you for the deliciousness! You have made me one very happy Montrealer!"

Nick & Bryony

“We found these at the refillery in Totnes and they are simply superb. Everyone in the house loves the smell of them coming out of the oven and there is never more than crumbs after breakfast!


Hi. Today I bought some of your bagels from the Kitchen Table Pantry. I had planned to save them but I just couldn’t resist toasting one straight away. So delicious!! I’d seen a post on Facebook I think and it brought back very happy memories. Three years ago I did an overland trip across Canada and I stayed above a cafe - Le Dépanneur - two streets away from the St Viateur bakery where I bought bagels!! So, eating your bagels this morning is such a treat and reminds me of staying is a fascinating district

Facebook Review

“Amazing bagels, such a treat. Ordered a small brunch online - they come partially cooked, you finish cooking them yourself - very easy and they smell / taste great. Very responsive and helpful customer service. If you're frustrated with finding good bagels in the UK, look no further.”

Christmas Feedback

They were absolutely lovely and really made our holidays! (My widowed Father-in-law was unable to visit from Montreal, but he was having similar bagels with his lovely Jewish neighbour who has made a bubble with him) ❤️🥯

My brunch delivery absolutely made my first Christmas morning not at home (in Montréal). And, they filled the house with the most delicious smell. Thanks so much!!

“They are super yummy and pretty darn close to St Viateur”

“Phenomenal - so happy to find this gem in the UK!!!”


“Toasted up and SO GOOD! Thank you for making them, have not had a bagel in so long ❤️“

“Super successful. The best gf item I’ve ever tasted! Really good! Well done!”

“A bit denser, but the flavour is awesome for a gf product. You wouldn’t know it was gf if you hadn’t been told.”


My life is now complete. Thank you. Merci.”

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