Sacha Jeffay

Passionate about bagels

As Montrealers, we are raised eating bagels. We're raised on buying bagels. Whether eaten in or out, they are part of our breakfast and brunches. They form an enduring part of our social culture.
Being a native born Montrealer, I will tell you that the 'Montreal Bagel' is the best bagel in the world. And I make that claim not just because I am a native born Montrealer, but because it absolutely, definitively, categorically and unequivocally beyond dispute IS the best bagel in world. It just quite simply is.
A while back I started working on perfecting the Montreal Style Bagel - watering my roots as some might say. What followed was years of bagel brunches where I trialled them on many willing guests. Even those who thought they didn't like bagels were instantly converted. Suffice to say, if you thought a bagel was a piece of bread with a hole in the middle, you haven't tried these. They will change your perception of bagels. Forever. But don't take my word for it. Try one!

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Our bagels are made with an enriched dough, hand-rolled, boiled in malted water, dipped and coated before being baked on both sides. Delicious, totally moreish, and a freshly different bagel experience.

Sacha stretching out bagel dough in her kitchen2 cooks laying rings of bagel dough onto a baking trayRings of bagel dough going into a pot of boiling water on a stoveNatalie tending to a pot of boiling bagels in a kitchenJackie looking very excited while covering bagels in poppy seeds2 trays of freshly baked bagels covered in poppy and sesame seeds sitting in front of jars of cooking ingredidents

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